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  • Shouldering milling insert
  • Fastner and nail industry
  • UKO spiral cutterhead
  • UKO wire tools

We focus on carbide CNC tools, wire tools & woodworking tools.

We focus on carbide CNC tools, wire tools & woodworking tools.

UKO is experienced in supplying carbide precision tools such as CNC tools, wire tools & woodworking tools.

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CNC Milling Tools

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CNC Turning Tools

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Woodworking Tools

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Carbide Wire Tools

Why Choose Us?


Origin of tungsten carbide raw materials, enjoy unique manufacturing cost advantage, more cost-effective, save your purchase cost.


Large stocks of standard sizes, advanced warehouse and logistics management system, 12+ years delivery experience to more than 100+ countries.


Mature technical service team assist you with any questions to solve the problem and select the right spare parts for your equipment.


Sophisticated test equipment could provide our customers with high quality products and long durability.


Could produce as per customer’s drawing & requirement.


We offer the quality warranty on all of our products in parts and workmanship.

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